About me


My name is Katja and I design glass products under NiceArt trade mark.

My background is textile technology. I have degree in this area and many years of experience from the field. My heart however is in craftwork (like to use my hands to produce something) from my early years. This lead me to the decision to let my passion live and prosper.

While researching different materials in the past, I came across glass. Sharp, fragile,  boring transparent… but with great potential of makeover. Sharp pieces become comfortable smooth jewelry, transparent glass becomes colorful, shining products.

Besides being a creator I do a lot of different things in my life. And do it with passion. I am wife, mother to two amazing teenagers Ursa and Andraz, dog mother to Westy Toto, horse mother to Cash and Poncho, loving cook for all my friends, fan of nature and everything natural…

All the pieces of my life are brought into the details of my glass products.

Welcome to my colorful glass world.