Owl red small

Cute owl can decorate the wall anywhere at your home. Especially kids will be more than happy as it is very popular motive. With its symbolism of wisdom could be nice gift at the end of the school or for the birth of the baby.

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Owl, the mysterious night creature, raises the curiosity and imagination of people all over the world. One would hardly find a culture, which does not include owl in its symbology and beliefs. Owl’s appearance, voice and way of life are often related to wisdom, knowledge and tradition. Atena, Greek goddess of civilization and wisdom, is always accompanied with owl.
Owl is a bird that humans have always connected with paranormal strengths. It represents mystery, magic and wisdom. In ancient religions also power of prophesy, night vision, dreams and healing. Owl medicine strengthens vision, hearing, fertility and seduction abilities.
What if the owl appears in our dreams? This is a good sign. Owl can predict the future, and is helping us to uncover the secrets or find the solutions in our dreams. Looking at the owl before going to sleep is not in vain 🙂








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